The anticipated duration for Q1-3 Features is eight months. Development will begin at the start of Q1, and must be completed no later than the end of Q3. Current estimates are listed on the tables below, and are subject to change.

Software Development Schedule


Task Start End Duration
Requirements Jan 2 Jan 18 16 days
Draft Case Jan 19 Jan 29 10 days
Summary Jan 2 Jan 29 27 days


Task Start End Duration
Feature List Feb 2 Feb 20 18 days
Test for impact on API Feb 21 Mar 2 10 days
Summary Feb 2 Feb 28 28 days


Task Start End Duration
Feature 1: Speech to text Mar 2 Mar 31 29 days
Feature 2: Social Media Content Management Mar 31 Apr 26 27 days
Feature 3: Cat Detection Apr 5 Apr 25 20 days
Feature 4: Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts Mar 2 Mar 29 27 days
Bug Fix: Time Stamps on MacOS Apr 26 May 12 15 days
Bug Fix: Unwanted Blank Pages Apr 26 May 11 15days
Test run/Updates Mar 26 July 15 112 days
Summary Mar 2 July 15 135 days


Task Start End Duration
Preparation Jul 16 Jul 18 2 days
Enable Features Jul 19 Jul 23 3 days
QA Test Jul 24 Aug 5 12 days
Test for Compatibility Jul 24 Aug 3 10 days
Final Update Jul 3 Aug 14 42 days
Summary Jul 3 Aug 14 42 days


Task Start End Duration
Translation Jul 26 Aug 3 8 days
Localization Aug 4 Aug 20 16 days
QA Tests Aug 20 Aug 27 7 days
Summary July 26 Aug 25 30 days


Task Start End Duration
Updates Aug 22 Aug 30 9 days

Q1-3 Features production 8 months total

Documentation Development Schedule

M indicates a milestone in the software development process. It is the goal of Documentation to work in-step with Software throughout the development of **Q1-3 Features.

January February March April May June July August
1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4
Research and Planning
Project Plan PM x
Content Plan Editor x
Minor changes (if appl.) Editor x
Approval of the Project Plan M
Interviews of SMEs Researcher x x
Gathering of information Researcher x
Analysis of information Writers x
Creation of point-form draft Writers x x x x x x
Revision of point-form draft Editor x x x
Creation of complete draft for reusable content Writer 1 x x x
Term definition Writer 1 x
Feature definition Writer 1 x
Feature use overview Writer 1 x
Step-based task Writer 1 x
Benefits overview Writer 1 x
Product specification Writer 1 x
Troubleshooting Writer 1 x
Approval of the Content M
Creation of graphic layout Writer 2 x x x x
Integration of video content Writer 2 x x
Revision of graphic layout Writer 2 x x
Generation of content Writer 2 x
User manual Writer 2 x
Help file Writer 2 x
Quick start guide Writer 2 x
Tooltips Writer 2 x
Datasheet Writer 2 x
Marketing brochure Writer 2 x
Marketing website Writer 2 x
Education/e-learning content Writer 2 x
Review of generated content Editor x
Approval of the Final Review by Editor M
Implementation in wiki Writers x
Review of implementation Editor x
Content Implemented in Wiki x M
Quality Control and Testing
Document is Sent to QA for Testing M x x
Review of QA notes Editor x
Changes based on QA notes Writers x x
Review Editor x
Final Approval M
Final production Editor, Project Manager x

Dependencies and Risk Mitigations

The Documentation plan stands on its own, until the quality control and testing need to be done. This milestone depends on the Software Development team to be ready to test the software at least before the Development team is ready to test the documentation. Listed below are possible risks (along with their likelihood and impact) and mitigation strategies to minimize the risks.

Risk and Mitigation

Risk Likelihood Impact Mitigation Strategies
Unanticipated additional work Low High Include additional time in the schedule;
Inform VP of Documentation if additional work causes delays or additional costs
Disruption in software used to complete work Med Med Carry the work into after-hours periods
Disruption in team members' availability Med High Shifting of responsibilities;
Add temporary team members to cover the basic responsibilities
Delays in the software development Med Low Software development team will postpone the launch of the software
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